August 23, 2023

Good things come in threes

Left to right: Mira, Bayley, Ellee

Today we announced three new appointments across our Sydney and Adelaide offices. 

Ellee Lines joins our team as Senior Marketing Communications Director,bringing with her 10 years of experience leading award winning integrated campaigns and events across consumer, lifestyle, tourism and telco brands.

“Ellee’s vast expertise and passion stood out to us at SOCIETY. We are eager to work with her to create new opportunities and impactful results for our clients,” said Dena Vassallo, CEO and founder of SOCIETY. 

SOCIETY also welcomes Mira Palomaki as Marketing Communications Director and Bayley Mitchell, joining as a Marketing Communications Coordinator,  who is finishing up her final year at the University of Adelaide. 

Mira comes to SOCIETY with a wealth of expertise and knowledge in consumer and lifestyle communications both within Australia and internationally. 

“Mira’s ability to spark connections and build relationships is inspiring. We have worked with her on previous projects, so we knew what a great asset she would be to our team. We are delighted to invite her to join our growing SOCIETY,” continues Dena Vassallo. 

“I am incredibly proud of all the amazing results the team continues to achieve for our clients. We’re thrilled to welcome these three new members and I can’t wait to see what opportunities arise as we continue to grow and spark new connections.”   

Alongside the new hires, we’re excited to announce promotions for three of our team members. Lucy Brewer and Meriel Killeen have advanced to Senior and Junior Marketing Communications Manager roles respectively, while Jason Kemp has been promoted to Senior Marketing Communications Consultant. 

“Here at SOCIETY we strongly believe in empowering and recognising the hard work and dedication of those within our team. I have no doubt that Lucy, Meriel and Jason will excel in their new roles and continue to demonstrate their growing expertise and value to team SOCIETY,” said Vassallo.