May 7, 2024

An insight to what an internship at SOCIETY is like!

Annie got stuck in with benchmarking, image sourcing, building media and influencer lists and client research!

Annie Firth, a Bachelor of Media and Arts student at the University of Adelaide, interned in our Adelaide office for ten weeks to get a taste of working in the marketing communications industry.

At the end of her time with us, we asked Annie a few questions to help her reflect on her internship experience with SOCIETY.

Q: What future knowledge and skills have you gained while on your internship? 

A: Before I started my internship at SOCIETY, I did not have a full grasp of what the marketing communications industry was and the breadth of services it provided, and now I do. I learnt from both SOCIETY and SOCIETY STUDIOS to understand how both sides work together to create a truly integrated campaign or activation. I was also introduced to different programs, such as Streem and MediaNet, which I believe will offer valuable knowledge in the future.

Q: What type of tasks did you enjoy working on the most? 

A: I enjoyed benchmarking against competitors on various social media platforms, such as Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok and YouTube; providing suggestions and feedback to improve their social media presence. I also liked image sourcing with the SOCIETY STUDIOS team as it gave me insight into what clients are looking for and how to showcase ideas visually. Other tasks, such as social listening for brands, researching conferences for an executive to speak at, and attending creative brainstorming sessions I also enjoyed. All these tasks, even if they were small, made me feel like I was being helpful to the team.

Q: What was the most unexpected or funny moment you had?

A: I didn’t expect that I would be given the opportunity to attend the AADC Crunch event as part of my internship, which was a great networking opportunity. I also loved the reaction I got when I brought in some cupcakes as a surprise!

Q: What drew you to SOCIETY and what is your biggest take away from your time with us? 

A: I first learnt about SOCIETY in early 2023 when I participated in the AADC AdCrawl, which is where 12 students were selected from all Adelaide universities and TAFE to visit some of Adelaide’s leading creative businesses and create a billboard for the Cancer Council. I remember when we visited SOCIETY, I liked the atmosphere of the place, and I thought a woman-owned and led business was really cool. I sent in my resume, and after some emails, I was lucky to get this internship.

My biggest takeaway from my time at SOCIETY is that integrated marketing communications is full of unique ways to work within different channels – and I don’t need to be daunted by what PR does! Being flexible, creative and thinking outside the box are important skills, but communication with your team and understanding the desire of the client is essential to making things happen. I saw the beginning of a project with a client and watched during the course of my internship the process of making something come to life, from brainstorming, concept refinement, execution of the idea and the final result.

Q: What is your advice for others looking to intern in the industry?

A: Don’t be afraid to say yes. I don’t have much experience with editing platforms, but I still took up the challenge to work with SOCIETY STUDIOS. Don’t be afraid to ask if you can sit in on a meeting or ask if you can help them with anything, as most of the time they will say yes. This is your chance to see if marketing is the industry you want to work in, so absorb all that you can.

Annie brought a bright, new spark to the team, with fresh insights on social media and ideas during brainstorms. It was wonderful to have Annie at SOCIETY and we look forward to seeing her succeed in her future endeavours!

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